Thursday, April 1, 2010

The United Nations Want 36 Trillion Dollars And They Want The Commitment Right Now

IPCC Chairperson Rajendra Pachauri welcomed the COP 15-CMP5 conference attendees in Copenhagen on December 7, 2009, with a simple request.

All he wants is for the worlds political leaders to give the United Nations 3% of the global GDP before 2030.
"To limit average temperature increase at 2.0 and 2.4 degrees C, the cost of mitigation by 2030 would not exceed 3% of the global GDP."
A quick Internet search finds that the 2008 global GDP was estimated at 60.6  Trillion Dollars.

Three percent of 60.6 Trillion Dollars equals 1.818 Trillion Dollars.

Multiply that by the twenty years between now and 2030, and we get 36.36 Trillion Dollars.

A pittance. Pocket change.

The most telling aspect of this attempted bureaucratic money grab is the complete absence of any specifics as to how exactly the United Nations is planning on spending this little allowance.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Would Prefer to Trust Science

I'd like to trust science, and generally I do.

But, it seems that, whenever I get curious about a particular point of science, I have to track down the actual paper or study that was published, and research the backgrounds of the scientists who wrote the paper one by one for undeclared conflicts of interest. Then I have to find out who funded the study and whether or not the funders are in a conflict of interest on the topic in question. Then I have to read the paper and sort out the methodology and data and try to ascertain whether or not it makes scientific, or statistical, or plain old common sense. Then I have to compare the findings to existing science and see if there are contrary views and the reasons why. Then I may be able to draw a conclusion as to whether or not the science holds up.

Why would a layman be expected to or have to do all that? Doesn't the label "peer-reviewed science" imply that all these things have been carefully vetted? Am I duplicating efforts?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Politics, Environmentalism and "Science" - The Italian Connection

Have you ever heard the name Aurelio Peccei? No? Neither had I until just a few days ago. That is exceedingly interesting considering that Aurelio Peccei has had such a profound effect on you, your family, your wallet and your future.

Aurelio was born way back in 1908 and he had the misfortune of having met his maker in 1984, which, as you will see is quite ironic.

Aurelio was a very capable and successful industrialist, having rebuilt the auto maker Fiat after the second world war. He then went on to create Concorde Fiat in South America and later he turned the office machinery manufacturer Olivetti around and made it a very successful enterprise.

Let's examine his accomplishments and his connections to the global warming movement.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Global Warming Ideology

Global Warming Science Ideology

The blogosphere is abuzz with news of a massive global organisation set up and designed to operate on behalf of global warming advocacy and activism. This organisation was set up quietly and designed to operate under the publics radar.

Globe International is an international organisation of elected officials. Politicians. It has operated since 1989 in near complete obscurity from the general public.

Steve McIntyre from Climate Audit describes Globe Int. this way:
Globe International is an off-balance sheet “private company” funded predominantly by governments and NGOs. As a private company, I guess that it is unaccountable. It brings legislators together – with a particular concern to the advancement of climate change legislation. Its webpage contains glowing testimonials from leading politicians.
The initial scandal, reported by James Delingpole, was that Lord Oxburgh, who was recently appointed – on the UK's Royal Society’s recommendation – to lead one of the two official enquiries into Climategate, was deeply involved with Globe International and thus was in blatant conflict of interest. Yet another Climategate whitewash of an enquiry.

But that is now only a side show to the main attraction. The real question is who is Globe International. Really.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Perfectly Transparent Global Warming Lie

A quick check of the news this morning found the following headline from the Indian Express:
"New Moore no more: rising sea claims island in Bay of Bengal"

And this one from the Christian Science Monitor:
"Global warming as peacemaker? Disputed island disappears under rising sea."

And even the Associated Press picked it up:

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Warministas Are Jumping The Shark

Well, the warmists are back at it, releasing press articles about the myriad ways that our world is falling apart due to man made global warming. But this one seriously takes the cake. I won't say that this is the stupidest announcement they've ever made, because I can't say that I've read them all. There very well could be stupider catastrophic global warming pronouncements out there. I just may not have seen it.

This is the headline (I kid you not):
Flowers losing scent due to climate change
This all come from a Dr Abdul Latif Mohamad in Kuala Lumpur. One has to wonder just where this person got his degree from.

Read the entire story here. It's good for a few laughs.