Monday, March 8, 2010

The Birth of a Man Made Global Warming Doubter

A few years back, when the global warming movement was just starting to make serious progress in convincing the world that our planet was in serious peril from man made global warming, myself and several of my friends were hanging out enjoying a good discussion, when one fellow asked me if I thought global warming was something to really be worried about. I shrugged my shoulders and said that I hadn't really looked into it in any detail. It's in the news every day so there should be something to it. Right? The media keep talking about a consensus of scientists from around the world, so it must be true. Right?

Well... being the type to research the hell out of any topic that I was curious about, and being a good hearted soul, and wanting to be environmentally conscious, I resolved to do some fact checking. That evening, within two hours of entering a few words into a search engine or two, I found enough information to raise serious doubts in my mind. I was surprised at how obvious it was, when you looked at both sides of the debate, that the man made global warming science was suspect at best.

The next day I mentioned to my buddy that there was a good chance that the man made global warming hullabaloo could be a scam. He responded with a simple question: Why would scientists do such a thing? Good question. Excellent question. And it caught me a little off guard, as I hadn't looked into it to that extent. So I ventured a guess and said that maybe it had something to do with billions of dollars in research money and a need to continue on that gravy train. Come to find out, with subsequent research, some FIFTY PLUS BILLION dollars has been spent by various governments to research man made global warming to date. That is a whole lotta moola.

Subsequent additional fact checking revealed to me that an entire research industry has grown up around climate alarmism and the more than FIFTY BILLION DOLLARS in funding. Now imagine if these climate scientists were to do research and then publish papers that said that there basically was no scientific basis to man made global warming. Imagine what would happen to all those billions of research dollars, and what would happen to their jobs, their futures, and their mortgages. Needless to say, when a scientist gets a lot of money to specifically research man made global warming, almost invariably he or she will find man made global warming. If he needs to he'll cherry pick the data, or fudge the numbers, of make "artificial corrections", and sometimes even hide the decline. The public record shows multiple instances of such unscientific behavior by climate scientists. Rest assured that however he needs to, the climate scientist will find man made global warming. Because without the horror of man made global warming hanging over our heads, his funding will dry up. He'll be up a creek without a paddle. Out of work. Unemployed.

Getting back to my buddies and our discussion, the really funny thing was the reaction of another one of my friends. This other fellow is a little younger, a little more hip, and a little more from the granola-crunching demographic. His immediate response was something along the lines of: "But isn't it a good idea that we stop or reduce the polluting of the planet? Isn't it good that people are learning about being more green". Needless to say I was a tad appalled. We were discussing the apparently wholesale self-serving corruption and dishonesty of an entire field of science, but he was happy to approve of it because it would lead to people being a little more environmentally conscious. Effectively he was saying that the ends (an entire field of science being corrupted) was an acceptable means to getting people to recycle more, use re-useable grocery bags and reduce their use of automobiles.

My reaction to such a massively corrupted science is complete and utter disgust. This corruption in the climate sciences will do irreparable damage to science as a whole. And that is unforgivable.


  1. "Well... being the type to research the hell out of any topic that I was curious about,...That evening, within two hours of entering a few words into a search engine or two, I found enough information to raise serious doubts in my mind."

    Well, Terry, your standards are apparently set pretty low. Two hours of Googling doesn't count as 'researching the hell' out of something.

  2. Mike, two hours of research does not equate to just "googling". Although it may for you. There is plenty of credible information out there on all kinds of informative sites, including universities and research sites. And my point, which you apparently chose to deliberately ignore, is that it only took a couple of hours to get a good read on the state of the science. And that was way before Climategate. Now all it takes is one google search. Barely a few seconds.