Thursday, March 25, 2010

Global Warming Ideology

Global Warming Science Ideology

The blogosphere is abuzz with news of a massive global organisation set up and designed to operate on behalf of global warming advocacy and activism. This organisation was set up quietly and designed to operate under the publics radar.

Globe International is an international organisation of elected officials. Politicians. It has operated since 1989 in near complete obscurity from the general public.

Steve McIntyre from Climate Audit describes Globe Int. this way:
Globe International is an off-balance sheet “private company” funded predominantly by governments and NGOs. As a private company, I guess that it is unaccountable. It brings legislators together – with a particular concern to the advancement of climate change legislation. Its webpage contains glowing testimonials from leading politicians.
The initial scandal, reported by James Delingpole, was that Lord Oxburgh, who was recently appointed – on the UK's Royal Society’s recommendation – to lead one of the two official enquiries into Climategate, was deeply involved with Globe International and thus was in blatant conflict of interest. Yet another Climategate whitewash of an enquiry.

But that is now only a side show to the main attraction. The real question is who is Globe International. Really.

There are all kinds of questions about how this group operates outside of any governmental scrutiny while getting all kinds of funding from the same governments.

Numerous blogs are exploring these and other issues.

All I want to do is introduce the major players.

Globe is an acronym for Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment. 

These are members of the Board of GLOBE
Interesting set of characters, wouldn't you say?

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