Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why Carbon Dioxide Can't Possibly Cause Catastrophic Global Warming (Part 2)

Thanks to none other than Al Gore himself, we have proof how carbon dioxide can't possibly cause catastrophic global warming.

Consider this graph from the Nobel Laureate Al Gore's Academy Award winning movie, An Inconvenient truth:

Do you remember the scene where he makes the point that "Boy, do these lines go together", or something along those lines, implying that there is a direct connection between CO2 levels in the atmosphere and global temperatures. Well, he was right. CO2 levels and global temperatures are directly connected. But just not in the way he implies.

If you look closer at the graph you will see that it effectively disproves the point he is trying to make, which is that elevated CO2 levels will catastrophically raise global temperatures.

The red line represents CO2 levels. The white or light blue line represents temperatures. When either goes up, it represents levels or temps going up, lines going down represent levels or temps going down. Going from the left towards the right represents going from the past to the present.

When you look closely at the timeline, you will notice that every time the lines start going up, temperatures start going up first, then CO2 levels follow. Not only does CO2 levels not lead temperatures, but it takes approx. 800 years for CO2 levels to start rising after temperatures begin to rise.

Al Gore wants you to believe that when CO2 levels go up, it causes temperatures to go up. The exact opposite of what the graph shows.

This graph clearly shows that CO2 levels have NEVER led to a rise in temperatures. Ever.

And the absurdities compound. Not only are we to believe that the world behaves in an opposite manner to the reality, Al Gore wants us to believe that CO2 levels will impact the entire globes temperatures and climate within a matter of a few decades. Not 800 years, but a mere few decades.

Al Gore needs to select his proofs a little better. He could start by learning how to read a simple time line graph.

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