Thursday, April 1, 2010

The United Nations Want 36 Trillion Dollars And They Want The Commitment Right Now

IPCC Chairperson Rajendra Pachauri welcomed the COP 15-CMP5 conference attendees in Copenhagen on December 7, 2009, with a simple request.

All he wants is for the worlds political leaders to give the United Nations 3% of the global GDP before 2030.
"To limit average temperature increase at 2.0 and 2.4 degrees C, the cost of mitigation by 2030 would not exceed 3% of the global GDP."
A quick Internet search finds that the 2008 global GDP was estimated at 60.6  Trillion Dollars.

Three percent of 60.6 Trillion Dollars equals 1.818 Trillion Dollars.

Multiply that by the twenty years between now and 2030, and we get 36.36 Trillion Dollars.

A pittance. Pocket change.

The most telling aspect of this attempted bureaucratic money grab is the complete absence of any specifics as to how exactly the United Nations is planning on spending this little allowance.

Feel free to peruse the thousands upon thousands of bureaucratic reports from the United Nations, the United Nations Environmental Programme, the United Nations Development Programme, the World Meteorological Organisation, the United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and see if you can find one reference that identifies one specific way that the 1.818 Trillions Dollars is to be spent.

It would be appropriate that we, as nation members of the United Nations, start looking critically into this issue and the role of the United nations in this massive political and bureaucratic global warming fraud.

While sceptics have done an admirable job of  deftly taking apart the flimsy "science" of the IPCC and global warming, the larger political picture must be addressed. We must focus on the United Nations and their man made global warming agenda.

National governments are what is now standing between the United Nations and the fulfillment of their cash grabbing agenda. National governments will, in the next few years, maybe even in the next few months, be making the decisions as to how much of our economies they are willing to sacrifice for the cause, and how much of your standard of living they are prepared to give away on your behalf.

In these economically depressed times, how much of your already reduced standard of living are you willing to let your government give away to the United Nations to mitigate non-existent man made global warming?

I would strongly suggest we make our views known, in no uncertain terms, to our national political representatives. And right now.

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