Al Gore Arctic Ice Melt Watch

The debate is over. The science is in. And Al Gore has made yet another shrill and bone-chilling prediction of imminent catastrophe.

Except this prediction is different. It is happening as we speak. And it will come to fruition not only within our lifetimes, but within the next FIVE years.

This is what The Goreacle has divined for our planets immediate future:

Gore: Polar Ice May Vanish In 5 Years

That means that we get a ring side seat to witness the end of the Arctic ice mass as we know it. We get to watch it courtesy of The Cryosphere Today web site and their database of daily arctic sea ice maps.

Below you will see satellite photos of the Arctic ice mass as it appeared near the equinox, September 22/23, for every year since the start of the ice mass photo database in 1979. The fall equinox date was chosen because it comes at the end of the summer months when the Arctic ice mass will be near its lowest point.

The last set of photos is this last weeks image and the corresponding date photo from the year 1979 for reference. This photo will be updated weekly as we get closer to the fall equinox when we will add the 2010 fall equinox photo to the series.

Will we witness the disappearance of the Arctic ice mass or the disappearance of Al Gore's credibility as a climate expert? Only the future holds the answer.

Come back weekly as we count down the weeks to the fall equinox and add more visual evidence to our little experiment.

Below is the latest weeks image compared to the same day of the year in 1979.

Is the debate over? Is the science really in? Only the future holds the answer.