The Skeptics Fact Sheet

All the information you need to become an expert on global warming.

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An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore, 35 falsehoods in the film:
  • Sea level to rise 6 meters (20 feet)
  • Pacific Islands drowning
  • Thermohaline circulation stopping
  • CO2 driving temperatures
  • Snows of Kilimanjaro melting
  • Lake Chad drying up
  • Hurricane Katrina man made
  • Polar bears dying off
  • Coral reefs bleaching
  • 100 ppmv of CO2 "melting mile-thick ice"
  • Hurricane Caterina "manmade"
  • Japanese typhoons "a new record"
  • Hurricanes "getting stronger"
  • Big storm insurances losses "increasing"
  • Mumbai "flooding"
  • Severe tornadoes "more frequent"
  • The sun "heats the Arctic ocean"
  • Arctic "warming fastest"
  • Greenland ice sheet "unstable"
  • Himalayan glacial melt waters "failing"
  • Peruvian glaciers "disappearing"
  • Mountain glaciers worldwide "disappearing"
  • Sahara desert "drying"
  • West Antarctic ice sheet "unstable"
  • Antarctic Peninsula ice shelves "breaking up"
  • Larsen B Ice Shelf "broke up because of 'global warming'"
  • Mosquitoes "climbing to higher altitudes"
  • Many tropical diseases "spread through 'global warming'"
  • West Nile virus in the US "spread through 'global warming'"
  • Carbon dioxide is "pollution"
  • The European heat wave of 2003 "killed 35,000"
  • Pied flycatchers "cannot feed their young"
  • Gore's bogus pictures and film footage
  • The Thames Barrier "closing more frequently"
  • "No dispute by anybody."

Carbon Dioxide:
  • Plant nutrient.
  • Non-toxic to humans and animals until levels reach over 4% of the atmosphere. -Link-
  • Levels in the 1800's are alleged to have been steady at approx. 280 parts per million. That is false. -Link-
  • Levels today are at approx. 385 parts per million.
  • Only approx. 11.8 parts per million is from man made sources. (US Dept of Energy)
  • Only approx. 1.18 one hundredths of one percent of the atmosphere is man made carbon dioxide.

Carbon Dioxide and Global Temperatures:
  • Historically CO2 has always risen approx. 800 years AFTER temperatures have gone up, never before.
  • CO2 has never led any rise in global temperatures, ever.
  • If CO2 causes any greenhouse effect, it is negligible or impossible to detect.
  • CO2 greenhouse effect is logarithmic. Above 265 ppm, the additional greenhouse effect is zero. -Link-
  • Climate changes. That is what it does. It has never stopped changing. Ever. Since the beginning of time.
  • Global warming happens. The Medieval Warm Period was warmer than today.
  • Global cooling happens. The Little Ice Age and the Glaciation period was colder than today.
  • The climate never stays the same. It changes. That is what it does.
  • Historically, warmer periods have been more prosperous for people.
  • Historically, cooler periods have been periods of hardship for people.
  • There is no such a thing as a climatologist. No such higher learning dsignation or degree exists.